Emotional Wellness Consultant

For ten years, Demetria has worked with educators and corporate offices to foster emotional wellness of the individual and firmly believes that change is an individual discovery and emotional wellness happens only when there is self-awareness and self-examination. 

Demetria leads workshops on Core Authenticity and ATV (Authentic, Transparent & Vulnerable) where she teaches the individual do their own work of behavioral road-mapping and learning to listen to their true selves though tools taught that encourage self awareness and development.

Demetria is also a strong advocate for teacher self-care. After a decade of teaching, she is committed to advancing teacher wellness, a foundation she believes must be in place before social emotional learning can occur in the classroom.

Voice Actor

Known as "The Voice With The Velvet Touch" Demetria has spent a decade using her voice acting experience to connect corporations to their customers and target markets. From Foxwoods Casinos to WGBH, Demetria's voice spans many different campaigns both local and global for the public consumer or the newly hired trainee. What does velvet sound like? Click here!