The public speaker's go to for vocal excellence, Demetria shares her expertise on how to be impactful through sound and presence in front on audiences or the camera by honoring and embracing their Blueprint Sound. Check out the Speaker & Coaching page for more information and reviews!

​​Advocating for and coaching Single Property Landlords (SPLs) in tenant management is a passion for Demetria.  She offers them her many years of landlording success in how to "manage tenants while manintaing your sanity". Arming herself in all things landlord, she aims to educate landlords and help balance the scales. Connect with her blog at


Musical expression is her heartbeat and lyrics are her soul. Demetria makes melody from her own life's journey and from the influences of the world around her. Her first love is worship music but she also writes songs that reflects societal issues.  Hear her song "Don't Hate Me For My Skin" ​on SoundCloud.

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Speaker & Advocate

A survivor of abuse, Demetria gives parents and providers an insider's look into her childhood experience with obesity and food obsession. She speaks to the emotional battles children endure at home and how parents can change the home's psychological atmosphere from rejection to one of acceptance. While mainstream society thwarts obesity by focusing on healthy eating habits and increasing physical exercise, the emotional side of the broken child stays hidden and many times unreachable.  Demetria speaks to and answers that missing and hardest of all component that all parents need to embrace in order to be the advocate their child needs.

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Voice Actor

Known as "The Voice With The Velvet Touch" Demetria has spent a decade using her voice acting experience to connect corporations to their customers and target markets. From Foxwoods Casinos to WGBH, Demetria's voice spans many different campaigns both local and global for the public consumer or the newly hired trainee. What does velvet sound like? Find out on the Works page and also click here!